The Immortal Warrior Stands Tall In Latest Magazine Cover For Wonder Woman


Power, grace, wisdom and of course, wonder – four fundamental qualities that define Gal Gadot’s Immortal Warrior, and you’ll be able to catch yet another action shot of the DC icon via Cinema Teaser’s magazine cover for Wonder Woman.

First spotted by CBM, this all-new promo arrives online just as the dust is beginning to settle from Monday’s scintillating trailer, one which aired during Gotham‘s “These Delicate and Dark Obsessions.” Indeed, today’s action shot completes a busy few days in the Wonder Woman camp. Three days ago, all involved took a moment to celebrate Gal Gadot’s birthday, while yesterday instigated the one-month countdown in style.

Per Twitter, both Warner Bros. and Gadot herself rolled out a pair of posters – one motion, one static – designed to drum up excitement for Diana Prince’s upcoming solo adventure. It takes place during the height of World War I, when Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor crash lands on the idyllic paradise of Themyscira. Upon being informed of The Great War raging overseas, Gadot’s Amazonian princess leaves the nest – God Killer in tow – to bring an end to the global conflict, encountering the all-powerful Ares in the process. It’s an origin story through and through, and if early story rumors are to be believed, it’ll be bookended by Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman recalling the fantastical adventure in the present day, thereby teeing up the impending Justice League ahead of its own launch in November.

Wonder Woman is expected to light up theaters the world over on June 2nd. The one-month countdown has officially begun, but tell us, are you excited to see Patty Jenkins’ standalone pic in action? Let us know your early thoughts in the usual spot below.