The Internet Adores This “Perfectly Done” Horror Film


One of the best indie horror films to come out in the last decade is 2015’s It Follows. The film is about an unexplained supernatural force that follows a girl named Jay played by Maika Monroe after a sexual encounter. Directed by David Robert Mitchell, It Follows is a masterclass in suspense as the film has a constant sense of foreboding.

What makes the film stick out is that it was an 80s throwback that came out before there was an overabundance of those types of movies coming out. Notably, It Follows came out a year before Stranger Things so it was one of the pioneers of the current 80s movement. While It Follows certainly has its fans, it hasn’t reached the same success as some other recent 80s throwbacks. That could change as fans on Reddit are gushing over the film and saying it’s “perfectly done.”

One fan noted that the film has a dreamlike quality to it.

Another fan noted the importance of the film’s soundtrack, which was done by Disasterpeace. The experimental soundtrack features some of the best synth music in horror.

It Follows is a slow burn of a movie but has some great horror set-pieces. It’s a perfect movie for the Halloween season. For American audiences, the film is currently streaming for free on Peacock.