The Internet Agrees Midnight Mass “Is The Best [SPOILERS] Ever Made”

It takes a lot of clout for a studio to withhold such a major selling point with a movie or series but that’s exactly what Mike Flanagan has with Netflix. The director and writer behind The Haunting of Hill House and Gerald’s Game has become one of Netflix’s favorite talents to work with. Midnight Mass is his latest series on the streaming platformer and the marketing for the show didn’t give much away on what it was actually about.

If one were to watch the trailers, they would likely think the series is about religious fanaticism gone wrong. While that is a major theme in Midnight Mass, the series is also a vampire story. In fact, fans on Reddit are already ready to proclaim it as the best work involving vampires ever made.

Many agreed with the claim that it is the best vampire story ever.

Flanagan certainly takes the idea of a vampire story and creates something different. It’s difficult to compare Midnight Mass to iconic vampire movies like Dracula or The Lost Boys. There’s certainly a recency bias involved as we have almost a century’s worth of vampire stories and Midnight Mass has only been out for a month. It’s a tad premature to say it’s the greatest vampire story ever. However, it does bring something incredibly fresh to the horror subgenre and you don’t see it coming when watching the series blindly. Regardless of its place in history, Midnight Mass has clearly had a strong effect on audiences.