The Internet Can’t Decide If Darth Vader Could Beat A Xenomorph

Star Wars take place in space. Alien takes place in space. So how come these two franchises never crossed paths? That’s the kind of deep philosophical question being pondering on Reddit right now as the think tank known as the Star Wars subreddit asks us: who would win, Darth Vader or a Xenomorph?

It’s the kind of thing we might’ve seen in a fever dream of some epic Mortal Kombat match-up or perhaps in a goofier portrayal in one of the Lego games, with that franchise having license deals from just about every production studio imaginable.

In fact, now that we think about it, couldn’t this crossover legitimately happen? After all, Disney now owns both Star Wars and 20th Century Fox, the owners of the Alien films. Disney Plus, snap to it and let’s get Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley as a bounty hunter in the next season of The Mandalorian, for that matter.

Fans had all kinds of reactions to this post, including pointing to Vader’s acumen with The Force being a huge advantage in the rhetorical fight.

Then again, doesn’t the titular alien have acidic blood? As user myrmagic points out “I think the xenonorph [sic] would have a force resistant mind like the Hutts or Toydarian. That said, they’d still get messed up by a light sabre. […] Edit: would their blood burn through his electronics?”

If the Star Wars games are any indication, the Xenomorph wouldn’t stand a chance, as this user points out.

Would you like to see Stars Wars crossover with the Alien universe?