The internet can’t decide if it loves or hates Netflix’s new Christmas movie


Netflix has embraced the popularity of the intentionally cheesy and trashy in-house Christmas movie, so much so that the streaming service confirmed the existence of the Netflix Holiday Movie Universe.

The Princess Switch series, A Christmas Prince, The Knight Before Christmas, The Holiday Calendar, Christmas Inheritance and Holiday in the Wild all exist in the same reality, and the latest addition to the rapidly-growing lineup premiered yesterday, and you can put money on A Castle for Christmas finding a place in the upper reaches of the Netflix Top 10 by the end of today.

Brooke Shields plays a bestselling author who escapes to Scotland following a scandal, where she finds herself butting heads with the local duke who owns the titular abode. As you can see from the reactions below, fans can’t decide if they love it or hate it.

a castle for christmas

Despite boasting some of the worst attempts at Scottish accents you’re ever likely to hear, A Castle for Christmas has found some praise for fully living up to its status as undemanding festive fluff. Audiences aren’t going in expecting awards-worthy performances or technical mastery, but it delivers exactly what the undemanding holiday crowd want from it, which in this case happens to be entirely predictable yet wholesome romance.