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The Internet debates who nailed their villainous performances

Reddit throws down on what actors gave the best performances as bad guys

Robert Patrick in Terminator 2

Much like any number of lists available online, Redditors often have to get all in on the big questions. And the small ones. Really, any question and you can bet Redditors have an extensive thread concerning it.

Yesterday the question was posed that almost instantly spawned thousands of responses, as the entirety of the internet declared which evil camp they were in. The eloquently worded question was, “Which actor managed to nail being the ‘Bad Guy’?”.

Well, you can just imagine.

There were so many responses that it feels like this should be a ‘guess the jellybeans in the jar’ contest for charity. But we scanned through this and picked out a few of our very favorite, less obvious, and funny entries in the list so you don’t have to.

Naturally, Robert Patrick in Terminator 2 came out, with many pointing out how he learned how not to blink while shooting and to breathe only through his nose while running to seem more robot-like. But we felt sorry for this one commenter:

Adam Sandler nemesis Christopher McDonald who played arrogant rival golfer Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore brought up a lot of responses, but mainly because everybody loves a celebrity who acts cool to their fans.

Kathy Bates disturbing turn as Annie Wilkes in the adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery was named and this led to first a ‘book was better/movie was better’ conflagration..

There are always those actors that have so many great bad guy roles that it’s hard to pick just one. We already mentioned Alan Rickman on this list but how about…

But we were pretty partial to this oft-overlooked depiction of depravity from Anne Ramsey as Mama Fratelli in The Goonies (and, for that matter, in Throw Mama From the Train).

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