The Internet Is Celebrating Keanu Reeves’ Birthday


Happy birthday, Keanu Reeves! It’s not easy to maintain an A-list career over the course of five separate decades, not to mention being universally beloved, but somehow Reeves has managed it. From Bill & Ted to Speed to The Matrix to John Wick, the Canadian star has more classic movies under his belt than most actors in the business—and he’s got a bunch more major projects on the way, too.

With Reeves still a fan favorite and very much in the public eye, the fact that he’s turning 56 years old today has him trending on Twitter. The internet as one is celebrating the big man’s big day, taking the time to highlight both his amazing career and famously good-natured personality.

No one does it like Keanu.

Wise words.

One of a kind.

It is actually illegal not to like Keanu Reeves.

Reeves fans can’t wait to see him again in John Wick 4.

In December, Reeves will be reprising Neo for The Matrix Resurrections. Keanu first played the role in 1999’s seminal The Matrix, and fans are thinking back fondly to his performance today:

Don’t forget his underrated turn as DC’s John Constantine.

Keanu and puppies, a winning combination.


Nearly 500 years old and still looking good.

As said above, Reeves will next be seen on our screens for The Matrix Resurrections, the much-anticipated relaunch of the sci-fi franchise from Lana Wachowski. Resurrections is headed to theaters and HBO Max just in time for Christmas, with a Dec. 22 premiere set. John Wick: Chapter 4, once again directed by Chad Stahelski, then follows just a few months later on May 27, 2022. Reeves is also attached to the voice cast of animated superhero movie DC League of Super-Pets, likewise coming next spring.

But, back in the here and now, why not stick on one of his classic titles and celebrate the star’s birthday in style? Many happy returns, Keanu Reeves!