The Internet Is Sharing Their Funniest Casting Ideas For Nermal In New Garfield Movie

Chris Pratt has been announced for some surprising animated voice-over roles lately and one of them announced earlier today was the decision for him to voice everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving feline Garfield.

While there is very little known about the animated film, fans have been quick to voice their thoughts on the voice acting choice for the film as well as making plenty of suggestions for who else should appear in the cast alongside.

The loudest uproar has been from fans demanding that Bill Murray reprise his role as Garfield instead of Pratt, but alongside this many have chimed in on who should voice a different, but still just as important cat, Nermal.

Nermal is another of the Garfield comics main characters who is a tabby cat similar to Garfield, but with Grey fur and much younger. At times Nermal acts as an antagonist for Garfield and others a secondary protagonist for his stories.

While no word of the character’s appearance has been confirmed for the movie, fans have voiced some interesting suggestions for which stars should take on the role. Here is some of what they had to say.

So, who’s your wacky pick to play Nermal in Garfield?