The internet shares the funniest films they’ve ever seen


If the last couple of years taught us anything, it’s that we all need humor to get by. From TV shows and books to movies that leave us in stitches, there’s nothing in the world like a good laugh — especially when it’s shared with friends and family.

During the pandemic, we started having virtual movie dates with our loved ones, and a genre we visited frequently was comedy. Taking the time to share laughter takes the weight off of our shoulders, and many movie fans can agree. It also makes you feel more connected to those you care for and opens a window to revisiting old favorites and finding new movies to make you laugh.

With the holidays upon us, we find ourselves indulging in all things feel-good and romantic — but we’re still watching comedies with our loved ones, and it seems that many moviegoers are doing the same. A thread on Reddit has become a popular discussion post discussing the funniest comedies ever seen.

From movies you’re sure to laugh at just by reading the title to films you’ll immediately want to add to your watch list — here are some of the comedies that fans can’t get enough of.

Many fans agreed with Office Space being the kind of movie you can watch repeatedly. Many fans have seen the movie so many times that they can recite it.

Anything with Robin Williams is a delight, and The Birdcage is no different. Almost 5500 fans gave this response an upvote — signaling that they agree with the sentiment.

My Cousin Vinny stars Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, and Marisa Tomei mix two of our favorite genres — comedy and crime.

It’s nearly impossible to think of comedy without thinking of Chris Farley, so we weren’t surprised to see Tommy Boy on the list.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly comedy, The Emporer’s New Groove has laughs for everyone.

We enjoy a zombie film as much as the next person, and if you can add comedic value to them, you’ve done it right. Shaun of the Dead is absolutely brilliant.

Super Troopers is also a movie comedy fans can’t get enough of. It’s so funny, as this fan noted that it doesn’t miss the mark from beginning to end.

Hot Fuzz was a film mentioned several times through the thread and with good reason. It’s hard to watch Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together and not laugh hysterically.

Of course, you can’t mention comedy without mentioning Dodgeball. We’ve laughed so hard watching it that tears have quickly overcome us.

What are some of your favorite comedy films? Any that you can’t watch without laughing so hard you cry? Let’s talk about it.