The internet shares their favorite horror films involving cults

Cults have been at the center of horror movies for decades. One of the earliest horror films involving a cult can be traced all the way back to 1934 with Edgar G. Ulmer’s The Black Cat and have been popular through the decades with films like Rosemary’s Baby and Midsommar. The whole idea of a group of zealots working together is very conductive for horror.

The cult horror subgenre has shown no signs of slowing down in recent years and fans on Reddit have decided to talk about some of their favorites. One fan mentioned films such as The Endless, The Sacrament, and Suspiria, among others.

Other fans made sure to give Gareth Evans’ Apostle some love, which star Dan Stevens as a man who returns home to find that his sister is being held for ransom by a religious cult led by a charismatic Malcolm Howe played by Michael Sheen.

Ben Wheatley’s Kill List also received a lot of love. The film starts as a crime thriller that quickly devolves into cult terror.

Fans didn’t forget about Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy, which stars Nicolas Cage as a man who is wronged by “Jesus freaks” and goes on a bloody path of revenge.

Other films receiving mentions were The Ritual, Hereditary, and The House of the Devil. Midnight Mass also received some love despite it being a TV series and not a movie. Film history is replete with many great horror movies involving cults. Many of the best horror movies ever tackle the subject and that’s been the case for decades. Despite there being a ton of films involving cults, the subject matter continues to resonate with fans.