The Internet Wants Betty White Protected At All Costs Ahead Of Her 100th Birthday

betty white

When it comes to naming the most beloved celebrities on the internet, there’s a special place reserved for a unique type of wholesome and enduring of famous face. The very top tier includes Keanu Reeves, Dolly Parton and Brendan Fraser, but Betty White is arguably up there on her own pedestal.

Incredibly, the actress and enduring cultural icon made her screen debut in 1939, with her most recent appearance coming as Bitey White in Disney’s Toy Story 4 spinoff series Forky Asks a Question in January 2020. She remains the only woman to have received Emmy nominations in every single performing comedy category, winning eight statues between 1960 and 2015.

The American Comedy Awards gave her a Lifetime Achievement Award 30 years ago, and yet she’s still going strong. In fact, White turns 100 years old on January 17 of next year, and as you can see from the reactions below, the internet is demanding that she be protected at all costs.


Next year also marks the 30th anniversary of beloved sitcom The Golden Girls ending, so there’s two Betty White landmarks on the horizon. Not that she needs to be protected when she’s still capable of firing out witty one-liners every time she steps out in public, but it’s a testament to the high regard she’s held in online that everybody wants to keep her safe.