The Internet’s Going Crazy For Kate Beckinsale’s New Action Movie

Jolt Kate Beckinsale

Thanks to her five-film stint as the Underworld franchise’s Selene, Kate Beckinsale‘s action hero credentials are hardly up for debate, with the actress proving herself to be more than capable of kicking all sorts of vampiric and Lycan ass, even if the quality of the series was inconsistent, to put it lightly.

Even outside of her recurring bouts of running, gunning, shooting, stabbing and punching, Beckinsale has shown up in a number of big budget blockbusters across the last two decades, and while none of them can be considered classics by any stretch of the imagination, she acquitted herself well in the likes of Van Helsing and the Total Recall remake, and it looks as though we can now add Tanya Wexler’s Jolt to that list.

The success of John Wick has a lot to answer for, leading to a barrage of revenge-fueled actioners that feature recognizable stars going on the rampage. Just ten days ago we saw the release of Karen Gillan’s Gunpowder Milkshake, and now Beckinsale is getting her hands just as dirty. The critics haven’t been too kind, with Jolt sitting on a middling Rotten Tomatoes score of 35%, but as you can see from the reactions below, it’s going down much better with audiences.


Beckinsale plays Lindy, a woman who suffers from an intermittent explosive disorder that leaves her prone to incredibly violent outbursts, which she keeps under control by wearing a vest that shocks her when she’s close to losing control. When someone close to her is murdered, she sets out to find the killer while being pursued by the authorities as the prime suspect.

That logline is utter nonsense, which is probably why Jolt is faring so well, because it sounds like exactly the sort of gloriously trashy and entertaining B-movie that’s designed for a Friday night.

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