The Interview To Have Christmas Day Screenings After All


After much deliberation, Sony has opted to give The Interview its chance in the limelight after the company confirmed today that the controversial film will be screened in select theaters on Christmas Day as originally planned.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, who cite a knowledgeable source that states Sony has granted The Plaza Theater in Atlanta and The Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas/Fort Worth to showcase James Franco and Seth Rogen’s controversial satire. Furthermore, the company is set to release the film on video on demand simultaneously, though it’s unclear at this time which platform will support The Interview as of yet.

Taking to Twitter, Alamo Drafthouse owner Tim League revealed his joy at the dramatic u-turn, and claimed that tickets would go on sale as soon as possible.

This news come off the back of a trying week for Sony, who chose to shelve The Interview indefinitely following a series of cyberterroist threats from a hacking group known as the “Guardians of Peace.” And while the more major cinema chains remain firmly on the fence at the time of writing, the fact that these local theaters have thrown their support behind Rogen’s North Korean satire — joining the likes of the DGA and online giant BitTorrent — means it could start a precedent that would see Sony distribute the movie further afield.

Alas, this is merely conjecture at this stage, but given how steadfast the company appeared only a few days ago, this is further evidence that the tide is beginning to turn in the right direction.

Besides, if the old adage proves true that any publicity is good publicity, then The Interview may very well turn a profit for Sony in the long run. Though we hardly imagine any financial gain would alleviate the political ramifications that the satire has since instigated.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the status of Franco and Rogen’s maligned title as the story develops.