The King’s Speech Upsets The Social Network At The Producer’s Guild Awards

Last night the first of the guild awards kicked off with the Producer’s Guild, where they celebrate the films and their producers of the last year. Many were expecting The Social Network to take the glory of the Best Film of the Year especially considering it has been winning Best Picture awards from critics circles up and down the country and most recently the Golden Globes. However those taking bets on it trotting home with Oscar gold can’t be placing their money on it just yet.

It was The King’s Speech last night who took home the top prize as the Theatrical Motion Picture of the Year, which means now it will be an interesting race as to who will take home the top prize at the forthcoming Oscars ceremony. At the end of the day I wouldn’t be surprised if it continued to upset The Social Network in the Best Picture department. The King’s Speech is the kind of film the Academy goes for: uplifting, likeable characters, about the triumph of spirit but most importantly it has a British monarch at the centre.

However for fans of The Social Network, there is still reason why The King’s Speech won’t triumph. In the past 20 years the PGA winners and the eventual Best Picture Oscar winners have only coincided 13 times. Also the Oscars are voted for by all members of the Academy which stretches from producers to cinematographers and set designers, the PGA awards are nominated by the producers who are members of the PGA. I still think The Social Network will in the end take home top prize at the Oscars and if not I’m pretty sure Fincher is a lock for director.

Toy Story 3 won for Best Animated Feature and Waiting for Superman won Best Documentary.