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Syfy Dials Things Up To 11 With Full Trailer For The Last Sharknado

Watch an airborne great white chomp on a Tyrannosaurus rex in the bonkers full trailer for The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time.

A great white shark sinking its teeth into a Tyrannosaurus rex? It can only be the bonkers full trailer for The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, the sixth and final installment in Syfy’s genre oddity that became an instant meme overnight.

That’s because to cap off its fifth annual “Shark Week” event, the network unleashed The Last Sharknado on Sunday evening, and it was every bit as ridiculous as we’ve come to expect from the film series in which great white sharks rain down from the skies literally.

But this time, there’s a twist. As the title suggests, The Last Sharknado plays fast and loose with time, resulting in a scenario where an airborne great white is able to chomp on a T-rex. And that’s not even the strangest part of Syfy’s final sizzle reel, as we also see cameos galore and multiple Tara Reids which, if nothing else, proves that the network is prepared to send off its cult shark series with a bang.

Starring a host of franchise favorites like Ian Ziering, Cassie Scerbo and Vivica A. Fox, The Last Sharknado has also made room in its cast for Gary Busey and Dee Snider. And the official synopsis? It really needs to be seen to be believed…

Our hero Fin (Ian Ziering) has battled sharks all over the globe, but in this last installment he will tackle the final shark-tier — time travel. In the ending moments of SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING, Fin was seen wandering alone on Earth after it was destroyed. Now he must travel back in time to stop the Sharknado that started it all. Will Fin and the gang be able to set everything right and save the world once and for all?

Based on the incredible true story… The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time actually premiered on Syfy yesterday evening, though you’ll still be able to catch up on all the prehistoric madness via the network’s website.

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