The LEGO Movie Sequel And Spinoffs Land New Release Dates


The LEGO Movie

Warner Bros. is readjusting its series of animated tentpole features due to arrive in theaters over the next four years. The hugely-successful brick-buildin’ caper The LEGO Movie received such solid acclaim upon release that it went on to score nearly $500 million at the box office and a torrent of sequels are now in development. The LEGO Movie Sequel, the LEGO Batman movie, and the LEGO Ninjago movie were all unveiled by the studio last October, and have since undergone a release date shake-up.

In order of their newly-announced release dates, the as-yet untitled Batman spinoff is now set to arrive earlier than expected on February 10, 2017; the Ninjago movie will open later than planned on September 22, 2017; and The LEGO Movie sequel is pegged to bow a week earlier than initially announced on May 18, 2018.

Amidst the glut of reports announcing these latest changes, there’s alas no mention of any new cast or crew details concerning any of the projects. Based on what we’ve previously gleaned, The LEGO Movie sequel will switch directors with Phil Lord and Chris Miller happily passing on the mantle to Community helmer Rob Schrab. The former duo aren’t shrugging off their beloved animated franchise, though, merely focusing on scripting story treatments instead of taking on the entire workload. That might have something to do with their commitments to another large Warner project, The Flash – so we can hardly blame them for wanting to lighten the load.

We’ll keep you posted with any new developments on any of The LEGO Movie sequels, spinoffs and inevitable prequels as they arise.

Source: Deadline

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