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‘The Little Mermaid’ box office numbers prove beyond doubt that trolls and review-bombers don’t go outside

As if we needed any more proof.

the little mermaid
Photo via Disney

Even though it’s only been playing in theaters for 24 hours, The Little Mermaid has already required some outside assistance to ensure that it doesn’t fall victim to the review-bombing campaign everybody knew was coming.

IMDb has actively altered its metrics after almost 50 percent of all votes cast for the live-action Disney remake decreed that it was only worth a 1/10 rating, which seems awfully suspicious and entirely transparent when being bottom of the barrel accrued three times as many votes as any other number from two through to a perfect 10.

Image via Walt Disney Pictures

However, as if we needed any more proof to settle the matter, the latest opening weekend numbers for The Little Mermaid have unequivocally proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that trolls and review-bombers do not get outside very much. It’s all well and good to sit behind a keyboard and say you hate something, but the fact director Rob Marshall’s family-friendly blockbuster is heading for a Memorial Day frame that could reach as high as $130 million indicates that it’s everybody else putting their money where their mouths are.

Not only that, but it additionally makes it patently clear that a large majority of the aforementioned trolls haven’t even bothered to check out the film for themselves, not that it takes a genius to figure that out, either. Bad movies make money all the time, but based on the general consensus, it’s hard to say that The Little Mermaid falls into that camp unless you’re one of the few determined to tear it down a peg or two.

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