‘The Lord of the Rings’ books getting re-released with ‘The Rings of Power’ cover art

Lord of the Rings
Image via New Line Cinema

Having first come out in 1953, The Lord of the Rings has been re-released countless times with different cover art over the years, including one with Peter Jackson’s cinematic trilogy. This July, HarperCollins is once again giving Tolkien’s creation the live-action treatment by using covers from Amazon’s upcoming The Rings of Power series on Prime Video.

The publisher announced the news today via Twitter, revealing that these new editions will go on sale on July 5. The Fellowship of the Ring is featuring Galadriel in her warrior armor, while The Two Towers shows Elrond in his new wardrobe. The Return of the King depicts none other than the Lord of the Rings himself, Sauron.

Unfortunately, and as you can see for yourself below, this edition will also include that annoying Amazon sticker at the top, revealing it as a tie-in to the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power experience.

These covers are appropriate in a way, as each actually shows off a ring-bearer in the Third Age. HarperCollins even caps it off with Sauron, the master of all rings and the One that binds all of them to its will.

Taking place thousands of years before the events of The Lord of the Rings itself, the story of The Rings of Power will take us to an era of rebuilding. With Morgoth banished from Middle-earth and his abominable legions all but destroyed, elves, humans, and dwarves embark on the next chapter of their journey in Arda, little knowing that Morgoth’s second-in-command, Sauron, is slowly gaining power to drown the world in another dark age.

The Rings of Power premieres on Sep. 2.