‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ is headed to Comic-Con for an extensive panel

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With little more than two months to go until The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power makes its premiere on Prime Video, a lot of fans are wondering why we haven’t yet had a proper first look at Amazon’s live-action foray into the world of Middle-earth.

Don’t get me wrong, there’ve been a ton of promotional images and even a short teaser, but none of these amounted to much in terms of actually telling us what we can expect from the adaptation. That’s all set to change soon, as Deadline has just reported that The Rings of Power will return with another deep dive at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 in July.

Apparently, there’ll be an extensive panel at the festival’s flagship Hall H, with showrunners Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne and some cast members greeting fans and talking about their experience bringing J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world to life. It goes without saying that there’ll also be a showcase, perhaps the show’s first official trailer, that might give us more to look forward to than the scraps we’ve received so far.

Taking place some 6,000 years before The Lord of the Rings, this new narrative is set in the Second Age, a time when the people of Middle-earth come together to rebuild what has been lost following the War of Wrath against Melkor, the first dark lord. The story is expected to quickly shift its focus towards the titular Lord of the Rings, with Sauron the Deceiver working his twisted influence from behind the curtains to subjugate the world.

The Rings of Power is slated for release on Sep. 2.

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