The Losers Club Breaks Curfew In This Creepy Batch Of Stills For It


The Losers Club may be outcasts, pushed to the fringes of their social circle by cruel bullies and even teachers, but that doesn’t stop them from bending the rules every once in a while.

Similar to Stand By Me, The Goonies, and even Netflix’s Stranger Things, that Losers Club, one formed by a group of adventurous young kids, is the beating heart of Stephen King’s horror classic, It, which is headed to the silver screen by way of Mama director Andy Muschietti. And for a film that has spent so long in the shadows, it’s shaping up to be a busy day for Muschietti’s two-part horror remake.

For instance, earlier this afternoon we summoned forth a wonderfully minimalist, yet horrifying image that placed Bill Skarsgård’s demonic Pennywise front and center. That entity, one that has haunted fans of Stephen King for more than 30 years, will place the Losers Club on red alert, as they search across the four corners of Derry, Maine to locate a handful of missing persons.

Casting-wise, Finn Wolfhard is attached to the part of Richie Tozier, who spearheads the fight against Pennywise on behalf of the Losers Club, a group of like-minded freaks and geeks comprised of Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher), Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor), Stan Uris (Wyatt Oleff), Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs), Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis).

Indeed, the fact that New Line’s It redo made the cut for EW’s stacked SDCC preview – a preview that has offered the stage to Black Panther, Justice League, Blade Runner 2049, and much more – leads us to believe that the studio will conjure up new footage for those in attendance at next weekend’s Comic-Con event in San Diego. And should that footage find its way online, you’ll be able to see it here on We Got This Covered.

The final cut of It Part 1 – The Losers Club will be with us on September 8th.