The Magnificent Seven Character Vignettes Establish Antoine Fuqua’s Crew Of Bandits


Draw! Sony Pictures has rolled out a series of character vignettes for The Magnificent Seven designed to introduce Antoine Fuqua’s crew of bandits.

From the assassin to the outlaw, the warrior to Chris Pratt’s beady-eyed gambler, Sony has assembled Rose Creek’s finest (foulest?) for another round of featurettes, lending budding moviegoers what will surely be one of the last opportunities to become acquainted with Fuqua’s Magnificent Seven prior to release.

Embedded above, you’ll find the snippet spotlighting Denzel Washington’s de facto leader, Sam Chisolm, a bounty hunter that wanders in from Kansas to lend a helping hand to Haley Bennett’s grieving widow. Her request? To ward off the oncoming threat posed by Peter Sarsgaard’s sadistic bandit and his entourage of goons, leading Washington’s man of few words to round up the troops, batten down the hatches, and prepare to defend Rose Creek’s until his dying breath.

Rubbing shoulders with Washington and Pratt out on the desert terrain are Ethan Hawke (The Sharpshooter), Vincent D’Onofrio (The Hunter), Byung-Hun Lee (The Assassin), Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (The Outlaw) and, finally, Martin Sensmeier as The Warrior.

If Tarantino’s Hateful Eight enthralled audiences late last year, 2016 is all about Fuqua’s Magnificent Seven. Sony’s reboot made the cut for our list of movies to watch out for before the year’s end, but can it honor the legacy of John Sturges’ time-honored classic? We’ll find out on September 23.

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