‘The Matrix Resurrections’ star addresses possible solo spinoff

the matrix resurrections

After eighteen years, The Matrix Resurrections is now playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, where it’s proving exactly as divisive and polarizing as we’ve been hearing for months it would be.

Lana Wachowski has made one of the most ambitious, multi-layered, self-referential and meta studio blockbusters that’s ever likely to exist. While the filmmaker should be commended for daring to do something so wildly different from the norm, the success rate is far from 100%.

One of the undoubted highlights among the newcomers is Jessica Henwick’s Bugs, though, who gets almost as much screentime as Keanu Reeves’ Neo, and makes the absolute most of it. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the former Iron Fist star was asked if she could imagine her character getting a standalone feature or an HBO Max series, to which he played her cards very close to the chest.

“Gosh, I don’t know. Bugs completed her mission. She completed her task. Obviously, the world is so rich and there are many other stories to tell. So we’ll see, but as of now, I’ve heard nothing. Bugs is just living the good life.”

Bugs’ arc was definitely complete at the end of The Matrix Resurrections, and Wachowski seems like the type that wouldn’t be interested in offshoots and continuations that exist for the sake of it. It’d definitely be a whole lot of fun, mind you, even if it’s decidedly far-fetched as a viable proposition.