The Maze Runner Scribe Tapped For Untitled Treasure Hunt Movie At Warner Bros.



Warner Bros. and 1821 Media are beginning to pull together resources for an untitled treasure hunt movie. It’s relatively high profile, too, with sources close to the nascent project citing its franchise potential, and Paris Kasidokostas-Latsis and Terry Dougas of 1821 have already snatched a writer to bring the vision to life.

First reported by Deadline, the outlet reveals that The Maze Runner scribe Grant Pierce Myers is attached to the movie, telling the swashbuckling tale of a group of treasure hunters plowing through museums across the globe and amassing all manner of stolen artefacts. But as the ragtag team of crooks spiral deeper into the criminal underworld, extenuating circumstances lead them on a hunt for the greatest treasure of all time.

Eager to pitch a new franchise at Warner, Kasidokostas-Latsis and Dougas released a joint statement in the wake of the news claiming that “given their success with franchises such as ‘Harry Potter’ and the ‘Batman’ series, Warner Bros. is the ideal partner to develop this action thriller which has enormous franchise potential.” It’s understood that both will produce the budding film series alongside Jon Berg of Warner Bros.

If Kasidokostas-Latsis and Dougas’ 1821 media banner rings a bell, it should. Late last year we brought word of the company partnering with Lionsgate to bring dystopian love story Romeo and Juliet: The War to the silver screen, while their other credits include Gavin O’Connor’s soon-to-be-released western Jane Got a Gun, Grandma and the Tom Cruise-fronted thriller Mena.

As for the untitled treasure hunt movie, it’s still early days. With Warner Bros., 1821 Media and now Myers driving the feature, there’s certainly reason to be hopeful, and we’ll keep you updated on its status as it nears production.

Source: Deadline

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