The Mighty Thor trades blows with Thanos in this MCU fan edit

Jane Foster as Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder
Image via Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder introduced to fans a new Thor, The Mighty Thor, but one fan has taken it upon themselves to bring Jane Foster back in time to the events of Avengers: Endgame.

In this edit by YouTuber Meme Feeder, The Mighty Thor goes head-to-head with Thanos at the climax of the film.

As Thor is about to meet his end, instead of Captain America coming to his aid to wield Mjolnir, it’s none other than Jane Foster who saves the day.

The short edit only gives fans a tease of what this addition could have looked like but it is crafted with expert editing skills using scenes from Avengers: Endgame and the trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder.

In this footage, fans get just a glimpse of the powers that The Mighty Thor showcases in the newly released Thor sequel and it leaves us wondering how different this Avengers battle would have gone if she was present.

Meme Feeder has been busy over the last few months crafting a ton of hilarious Marvel content using newly released footage for Thor: Love and Thunder and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. You can check out more of these on their YouTube page here.

If you haven’t yet seen Thor: Love and Thunder, the new film that brings The Mighty Thor into the MCU is now available to watch in theaters. Similarly, if you’d like to see where the other side of this edit comes from, Avengers: Endgame can be streamed on Disney Plus right now.