The Most Violent Moments In All Of Horror Are Freaking Out The Internet

Have you ever been watching a scary movie and gasped in awe at how intense a scene suddenly became? Be it out of nowhere or even in an expected part of a film or TV show—some scenes show so much gore and violence that audiences are wowed in more of an intense way than a good one.

Even for the most appreciative horror fan, some scenes are still too much. The ones that make you turn your head and close your eyes, hoping they’ll be over quickly. Sometimes, these scenes also show up outside the horror genre; they’re as violent and vivid in other genres as the storyline deems necessary.

We can think of a few scenes across television and film that left us closing our eyes and turning our heads when things became just a bit “too much.” From a moment in The Last House On The Left that we still can’t watch to the cliff scene in Midsommar that had us grabbing a pillow—we understand entirely, loving horror but having limits.

What movies and television have stand-out scenes that many agree are almost too hard to watch? Here’s what users on Reddit are saying.

This response had other users commenting on similar scenes from Hannibal, saying the series was great but pushed the limits on television gore.

Talk about graphic; this scene was hard to watch.

A few scenes from The Blob are stand out as “hard to watch”, too.

Even the description of this scene is enough to make your skin crawl!

Many went into Pans Labyrinth thinking it was a kid’s film and not expecting gore; this scene took a lot of viewers by surprise. 

This user shared so many scenes that one response was simply, “Excuse me while I vomit.” We share the sentiment entirely.

This one got a lot of people because the film is based on the real Snowtown murders.

Do any of these scenes stand out to you? What are some you just can’t bring yourself to watch when you know they’re coming? Let’s talk about it.