MTV Movie Awards Bring Us A New Suicide Squad Trailer


A brand new trailer for David Ayer’s supervillain team-up flick, Suicide Squad, just aired during the MTV Movie Awards, and if fans weren’t hyped up for the film already, then they most certainly will be after watching the footage presented here.

After the negative critical (and to a lesser extent, commercial) reaction to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, many DC fans are hoping that Suicide Squad will be the movie that really puts the DCEU on the map and takes the next step in building a cohesive shared universe for these beloved characters. Of course, we’ll need to wait a few more months before we find out for sure if that will be the case, but things are certainly looking good so far.


Aside from the new footage that’s sprinkled in here (and there’s a lot of it), the most interesting part about the trailer is its tone. It may be in response to the pushback that Warner Bros. has seen over the grim and dark vibe of Batman V Superman, but it certainly looks like the studio is going for a more humorous and light-hearted feeling here.

The trailer paints the film as a fun action romp with some wild characters, rather than a serious and messed up superhero flick with a group of very twisted individuals as the protagonists. And honestly, I’m kind of digging it.

The song choices alone (Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz”) bring out a much lighter feel and there’s also a surprising amount of humor, with many of the characters getting some chuckle-worthy lines in. It’s no comedy, but the film appears to be having a lot more fun than Batman V Superman – where everything was taken and presented very seriously.

Suicide Squad will finally be with us on August 5th. While you wait, check out the new trailer above and let us know what you think about the tone that they’re going for. Are you on board with it?