‘The Northman’ images reveal more of the bloody revenge thriller

The Northman
Image via Focus Features

Robert Eggers’ upcoming thriller The Northman promises a story filled with revenge revenge, bloodlust, and honor.

When a viking king is killed in front of his young son, all bets are off as his boy promises to right a terrible wrong. The trailer was an explosive look at the gritty historical actioner, and new images shared by IGN reiterate the violent journey fans will experience in theaters this year.

You can check out the fresh batch of stills below, which give an indication of the grounded, tangible realism on display in among the axe-swinging and sword-throwing.

It goes without saying that The Northman is going to be a violent time at the movies, but the newly set of snaps pack a punch of their own. When Alexander Skarsgård’s Prince Amleth, seeks revenge after his father’s murder, no one is going to be safe from his wrath.

“I will avenge you, father. I will save you, mother. I will kill you, Fjölnir,” — these words serve as a beacon and a driving force for Amleth, and we can’t wait to see him as he keeps true to his promise. when The Northman comes to theaters on April 22.