First Reactions To The Nun Promise Unholy Terror


With the exception of Paramount and Bad Robot’s Cloververse, The Conjuring universe is perhaps one of the most fascinating movie franchises in the business.

It’s still in its infancy, of course, given we’re only four films deep. But it won’t be long before viewers are basking in unholy terror for The Nun, or peeping between their fingers at The Crooked Man. There’s also a third, as-yet-untitled movie in the works alongside The Conjuring 3 (another Annabelle prequel?), though it isn’t expected to emerge from the shadows until 2019.

Closer to home, Corin Hardy and über-producer James Wan (Aquaman) are on the verge of launching The Nun, and it seems the latter was in attendance at CinemaCon to discuss what inspired the 2018 spinoff, before ultimately rolling out some footage that clearly made a good first impression with its audience. In fact, some critics took to Twitter shortly after the presentation to remark on The Nun‘s atmosphere and relentless sense of dread. So, yes, this is very much a standalone movie stepped in The Conjuring‘s DNA.

Adopting a classic Italian style for The Nun is undoubtedly an interesting avenue to explore, particularly as it’ll help differentiate Hardy’s horror flick from other installments in the ever-evolving Conjuring Universe – a universe that is about to swing its doors open to Valak, a creepy religious figure capable of striking fear into even the most hardened horror fan.

Via Twitter:

The Nun unleashes unholy terror on September 7th, 2018 – one week before Shane Black and Fred Dekker summon The Predator into theaters. And the latter looks set to deliver true, R-rated carnage that ought to make those Alien Vs. Predator movies seem like a distant dream.

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