The Oscars are crowdsourcing suggestions for 2022 ceremony host

The Oscars ceremony is one of the most star-studded nights of the year, and one of the biggest honors a star can receive is the chance to host this legendary event. In fact, in the eyes of many, being asked to host the awards ceremony is the sign that you’ve truly made it in showbiz. 

However, the ceremony has not had a host for the past three years. Instead, it has had a series of celebrity guests come out to present specific awards. This is apparently set to change in 2022 as sources have said that the 2022 ceremony will have a host. It has been reported that Tom Holland was offered the position but turned it down, and other sources have suggested that Pete Davidson is being considered for the job. 

On Wednesday, The Academy’s official Twitter account posted a tweet asking, “if we asked you who would you want to host the Oscars, and this is strictly hypothetical, who would it hypothetically be?”

This tweet instantly went viral, with thousands of people suggesting hundreds of different hosts. One popular suggestion was made by Tim Duffy. Duffy proposed Jackass star Johnny Knoxville for the role, envisioning a skit where the daredevil gets fired at Nicole Kidman.

Another popular suggestion was Brendan Fraser. Many fans noted that the actor has the right temperament for the role, and the job would honor his phoenix-like resurgence in the industry. 

The Sonic The Hedgehog movie account suggested Ben Schwartz, the actor who voiced Sonic in the recent movie for the gig, even starting a #BenSchwartzHoststheOscars hashtag to support the actor and comedian. 

Some celebrities even threw their own hats into the ring, including legendary singer Dionne Warwick, who simply tweeted, “Fine, I will do it.”

Professional wrestler and viral star Danhausen took a similar approach, tweeting a gif of himself answering a phone with the text “Fine. No need to drop anymore hints, Danhausen will do it.” This tweet quickly went viral, getting hundreds of likes and retweets. 

However, by far the most popular suggestion was The Muppets. Hundreds of people quote-tweeted The Academy’s original tweet to suggest the icons, with each tweet getting liked and retweeted by hundreds of people. In fact, the puppets were proposed so many times that it made the word Muppets trend on Twitter.

The most popular of these tweets came from the Muppet History account, which posted a picture of Kermit in a tuxedo with the caption “the obvious choice.”