HD Trailer Gallery For The Predator Brings Us Closer To Those Deadly Hunters


The hunters become the hunted in this gallery of HD trailer screenshots for The Predator.

Arriving on the heels of this morning’s nail-biting teaser trailer, the gallery below offers a play-by-play breakdown of the September tentpole, and whereas Venom was all about mystery and intrigue, 20th Century Fox and director Shane Black have played their hand relatively early, as we get a couple of sneak peeks at the deadly, extraterrestrial hunters. And they’re baying for blood.

Fred Dekker’s story appears to be inextricably entwined with Rory McKenna (Jacob Tremblay), whose autism and childish curiosity proves instrumental in deciphering the Yautja language and, ultimately, averting total disaster. And then, there are the gun-toting commandos, who operate under the command of Boyd Holbrook’s Quinn McKenna, father to the young Rory and one of the few people who actually believe that aliens exist.

It seems the film’s governmental authorities take some convincing (surprise!), but based on Alfie Allen’s soldier and his thousand-yard stare, Quinn and his men have seen some scary shit…

And if you’re venturing out to see Deadpool 2 next weekend, you’ll likely be able to see The Predator‘s first trailer projected onto the big, big screen, which is only fitting when you consider that Wade Wilson’s sophomore adventure is catering to the same audience.

Expect Shane Black to unleash anarchy upon the streets of suburbia when The Predator begins its theatrical rollout on September 14th. That’s actually the film’s fourth release date, so it’s fair to say that this R-rated reboot has been a long, long time coming.

Source: Collider