Iron Man 3 Director Throws Shade At Avengers: Infinity War


While soliciting questions during The Predator‘s Q&A session at San Diego Comic-Con (h/t IGN), Shane Black poked fun (and even threw a little shade) at Avengers: Infinity War and its use of Spidey.

Black is no stranger to the MCU, having directed Iron Man 3 – arguably one of the finest entries into Marvel’s franchise thus far. It’s certainly one of the most successful, what with a global box office tally north of $1 billion.

And while he admits to liking Infinity War and its super-sized scope, Shane Black isn’t buying Spider-Man’s ability to distract Thanos with his measly webs, when the Mad Titan is capable of bending reality to his will – by the time Earth’s Mightiest Heroes confront Josh Brolin’s purple tyrant on Titan, he has all Infinity Stones bar one… the precious Mind Stone hidden away in Wakanda.

Here’s what Shane Black told SDCC attendees:

One moment there’s a train coming at him he can turn it into a flock of birds. The next minute Spider-Man is coming at him and he’s like, ‘Oh, my eyes! It’s got webbing!’ I loved the movie, it’s just… the kid had to do something.

The man has a point. Then again, this is Avengers: Infinity War, a comic book crossover in which Earth’s finest cobble together to ward off the oncoming apocalypse, so perhaps it’s a case of suspending our disbelief that little bit more so that we can enjoy Infinity War for what it really is – a massive, deeply emotional blockbuster that (mostly) delivers on its sky-high expectations.

Meanwhile, The Predator is poised to rip and tear its way into theaters on September 14th.

Source: IGN