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The prequel to the remake of a spine-tingling Stephen King classic is only 4 weeks away from haunting the streaming charts

Spooky season is back with a bang.

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At this point in cinema, it’s certainly not unheard of to swiftly travel down memory lane and place the plethora of Stephen King film and television adaptations at the forefront of our minds. But while bone-chilling classics such as the recent Children of the Corn remake quickly fell flat on its face as one of the worst-reviewed King adaptations, perhaps a fresh-faced prequel to a remake can change the current King-esque landscape — and that would be Pet Sematary: Bloodlines.

All over Twitter, the spine-tingling King classic has been making its rounds, with the horror flick’s official poster and premise being released over a month ago. Flash forward to now, the film’s eye-popping R-rating is hinting at a goretastic nightmare that could certainly ring in this year’s spooky season with a bang. Of course, the feature’s star-studded cast should surely prove to be a major help.

Image via Paramount

Unlike The Boogeyman receiving a theatrical release, the latest King adaptation has followed in the footsteps of similar adaptations such as Mr. Harrigan’s Phone and Gerald’s Game — with the upcoming horror movie scheduled to be released on Paramount Plus.

But with an autumn box office clogged with a variety of horror films such as The Exorcist: Believer, Saw X, and Five Nights at Freddy’s, perhaps being unleashed to haunt the streaming charts is the best course of action for the standalone sequel. For those interested, Pet Sematary: Bloodlines releases on Paramount Plus on Oct. 6.

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