The Purge 3 Producer Brad Fuller Offers Update On Storyline; Confirms Ouija 2 Is On The Way


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Despite a somewhat divisive response to the second entry in James DeMonaco’s society thriller franchise, a third instalment – The Purge 3 – is in development. Its expected release date is still some eighteen months away, yet talk of what the third part will involve continues to stir up debate.

For a lot of the series’ supporters, their hopes rest on the shoulders of Frank Grillo and Michael K. Williams, two of the standout stars of the second flick. While Williams himself has suggested that his character is a part of the threequel, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form over at Platinum Dunes have since hinted that that’s not the case. Yet.

In their chat with the lovely folks at Collider, Fuller addressed a few key rumours which have been doing the rounds. Namely, will the third movie be a prequel dealing with the events of the first-ever Purge? In seems like that one can be chalked up to wishful thinking:

“I read that too about the first night of The Purge. We don’t know anything about that. I read that and I haven’t heard that so I’m not sure what that was. The material that we’re considering right now is not the first night of The Purge.”

Following this, talk swerved to the characters and whether or not Williams’ fan-favourite has definitely been looped into the script. Once more, Fuller’s response hints that the script is likely in such a primitive stage that the specifics of who will participate haven’t been confirmed:

“Listen, we loved working with him and we thought that he was so good in that role and, you know, if it works to have him back we would really be very excited about that.”

Sounds like Platinum Dunes are ironing out the kinks in the story for The Purge 3, which we know now won’t jump back in time to explore the initial Purge. It’s a shame that we’ll never see the circumstances leading to the act coming into play, as it’s the sort of concept that holds plenty of promise.

Speaking of, another of the production outfit’s lesser offerings, the recently-drubbed Ouija, has also been eyeballed for a sequel. The first film didn’t fire up the critics, and really didn’t leave itself open for a follow-up, but it made a hefty return on its original budget.

Tell us, which sequel are you more excited for, The Purge 3, or Ouija 2?

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