The Purge 5 Is Set To Hit Theaters In Summer 2020

The purge

One of the most iconic horror franchises of this decade is still going strong. The fifth installment of The Purge universe is officially set to be released on Friday, July 10th, 2020 and horror fans should be excited. Following the success of last year’s The First Purge and the renewal of the eponymous TV series on USA, series creator James DeMonaco will be back at the helm to pen the next chapter of the dystopian world.

The previous four films have amassed $465 million globally, largely due to the limitless options of the creative premise. In a society that rids itself of crime due to an annual 12-hour lawless holiday each year, the movies have consistently been able to create new stories that terrify audiences all over the world.

While details of the upcoming film are still unclear, there are endless avenues The Purge universe can continue to exploreChaos and murder are, of course, to be expected, but everything else still remains a mystery.

The movie will be up against stiff competition its opening weekend, as the untitled Ghostbusters project from Jason Reitman is also expected to be released on that date. The conclusion of the comedy trilogy will reunite most of the original cast and has already been receiving a great deal of hype from those who grew up with the first two outings.

The Purge, however, has a fairly dedicated fanbase of its own. The last film was the highest grossing in the series and audiences have continually come out to watch the movies in the summer, despite subpar reviews.

It’s also worth noting that DeMonaco said several months ago that the next entry would be the finale, yet there’s no mention from the studio that the 2020 release will be the last for the franchise. In fact, given the success of both the movies and television show, this concept could continue as long as there’s a demand for more.

The future of the series may depend on whether or not DeMonaco and the studio want to continue making the films. More likely, subsequent movies in the universe will depend on how this next one performs. If it does as well as its predecessors though, audiences may be experiencing The Purge for many summers to come.