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The richest self-made actress in Hollywood hasn’t made a good movie in a decade

Lucky for those external revenue streams, huh?

a wrinkle in time
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Being the richest doesn’t always immediately you make you the best at anything other than earning money, but it’s nonetheless curious to see that Reese Witherspoon has been deemed the wealthiest self-made actress in all of Hollywood.

While the Academy Award winner has built up an acclaimed, eclectic, varied, and massively successful filmography both as an on-camera talent and producer, it’s interesting to notice that she hasn’t made a good live-action movie in a decade since she enjoyed the success of acclaimed trio of Wild, The Good Lie, and Inherent Vice in 2014, while she also produced Gone Girl the same year.

Image via Netflix

Since then, outside of her voice-only contributions to the animated Sing and its sequel, Witherspoon hasn’t made an acting appearance in a single feature to gather a Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, a roster that includes colossal box office bomb A Wrinkle in Time, Netflix’s risible rom-com Your Place or Mine, and interminable buddy comedy Hot Pursuit.

Of course, that’s not where her estimated net worth of $400 million (via Forbes) came from, with the star selling a majority stake of her Hello Sunshine company while retaining an 18 percent stake in the business, with the deal valued at somewhere around a cool $900 million, while a reported $2 million per episode deal for The Morning Show also helped swell the coffers.

As it turns out, acting is the least important part of being a filthy rich actor when the beans end up getting counted, who would have thought?

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