The Rock Continues His Happy Birthday Tradition With 102-Year-Old Grandma

Dwayne Johnson

The last several years have seen the cancellation of numerous actors and cherished celebrities following a range of social faux pas. The reemergence of previously-aired sentiments, many of which express some level of bigotry, have seen some of these celebs disappear from the mainstream entirely. 

Thankfully, numerous celebrities have survived the recent purge and emerged more beloved in the eyes of their fans. Dwayne Johnson is a standout among these unproblematic few, as he maintains a busy work schedule and still finds time to warm fans’ hearts with his genuine kindness. In the most recent reminder that the Rock is our favorite uplifting king, the 49-year-old actor continued a touching tradition.

The tradition is only a few years old, but that doesn’t make it any less wholesome. Beginning on the day she turned 100, Johnson has commemorated a special fan’s big day by providing her with a personalized Happy Birthday from none other than Flex Kavana himself. 

Grandma Grover turned 102 this year, and Johnson did not disappoint. He took to social media to celebrate the centenarian’s big day in song. 

Noting that “this is a very special video that goes out to a very, very special lady,” Johnson dove into a dedicated Happy Birthday message custom-made for Grandma Grover. Calling the video “one of the most special videos I will do in my entire lifetime,” Johnson celebrated his fan’s life “with all the love and mana I have.”

He then launched into a brilliant rendition of “Happy Birthday” to the utter delight of Grandma Grover, who appeared to be watching the video from the comfort of her bed. Johnson even noted that his own grandmother has passed, which makes his special moments with Grandma Grover even more impacting for the star. 

“I don’t have my grandma, I wish I did,” Johnson said. “But I have you. You’re my grandma. You are my grandma, you’re America’s grandma.”

He signed the message off with love from “your Rock,” an addition that fans found particularly charming.

In fact, fans were so enamored with the touching message that they shared their own Happy Birthday sentiments for Grandma Grover via social media. Numerous people also applauded Johnson’s grace, compassion, and class in continuing to remember and celebrate the sweet old woman’s big day for three years in a row. Here’s hoping we get another installment in the heartwarming series next year.