The Rock Sings Happy Birthday To 102-Year-Old Fan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Twitter on Oct. 3rd to continue a tradition he started with an elderly fan named Marie Grover two years ago after she turned 100. In 2019, the actor sent a personalized message to Grover during her monumental day.

In honor of her 102nd birthday, Johnson called Grover, whom he referred to as “Grandma Grover,” and serenaded her with the Happy Birthday tune.

In the video, Johnson said while blowing virtual kisses to her, “This is a very special video that goes out to a very, very special lady. This is one of the most special videos I will do all year, probably one of the most special videos I will do in my entire lifetime. This special lady turns 102 years old, so with all the love and mana that I have, it’s my pleasure to say this.”

The 49-year-old continued by singing his rendition of the celebratory song. Following its completion, Johnson expressed the special place that Grover holds in his heart and how much he loves her. “Happy Birthday Grandma Grover it is your Rock, your one and only Rock. I did not forget your birthday, I couldn’t forget your birthday. I love you, we love you, America loves you, the world loves you. Out of the fighting city of Philadelphia, you are a fighter, and you are so strong, and you look so beautiful. Happy birthday, Grandma. I don’t have my grandma, I wish I did, but I have you. You’re my grandma, you’re America’s grandma. Happy birthday and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.”

Grandma Grover responded to Johnson’s message by singing a song back to the star. Johnson’s previous birthday celebration to Grover included a personalized video message he shared for her 100th birthday in 2019, as well as a handwritten note the following year.

In addition to the note for Grover’s 101st birthday, the actor also gifted her two bottles from his tequila brand Teremana.