The Suicide Squad Star Wants To Return As A Supervillain

The Suicide Squad

For the most part, the vast cast of characters to appear in The Suicide Squad are pretty irredeemable. They’re all in prison for a very good reason, and they only join Amanda Waller’s Task Force X for the opportunity to have ten years shaved off their stretch, rather than any vested interest or desire to do the right thing.

Bloodsport was trained as an assassin from childhood and put Superman in the ICU after shooting him with a Kryptonite bullet, Harley Quinn is all kinds of crazy, Peacemaker will happily kill anyone in the pursuit of liberty, King Shark has a taste for human flesh, Weasel killed 27 children, and the list goes on and on.

The sole outlier is Daniela Melchior’s Ratcatcher 2, who admits she only ended up in Belle Reve after being convicted of armed robbery when the court decided her battalion of furry friends were a weapon. She doesn’t want to be there, and arguably doesn’t deserve it either, but she proves herself to be a valuable member of the team and the emotional core of the entire movie.

However, the actress is keen to return in a much different fashion should The Suicide Squad end up getting a sequel, after revealing that she’d love to see Ratcatcher 2 continue her training under Bloodsport and become a full-blown supervillain.

“I would love, also, to see Ratcatcher learning from, I don’t know, why not Bloodsport? How to shoot a gun, how to fight with someone, I would love to see her debut as a supervillain for real.”

James Gunn revealed he couldn’t bring himself to kill her off when writing The Suicide Squad script, so it would be a fairly jarring shift in her personality were she to end up on the side of the bad guys, as opposed to somebody out of their depth trying to make the very best of a bad situation.