The Tea & Crumpet Filmcast: The Imitation Game, The Drop And Life Itself (Episode 11)


Straight from the their secret headquarters in the pulsing heart of London and onto your computer/phone/generic MP3 device, Episode 11 of The Tea & Crumpet Filmcast is ready to be unleashed.

This week, your hosts Dominic Mill and Liam Dunn are joined by ever-present regular David James (London City Nights) and Heidi Blackaby. Putting their various, movie-addled minds together, the gang take on another hefty week of film reviews.

Up on the chopping block are Benedict Cumberbatch’s Oscar contender The Imitation Game, The Drop (featuring one last performance from the mighty James Gandolfini), James Brown biopic Get On Up and the emotionally charged Roger Ebert biopic Life Itself (Dom tried really, really hard not to cry whilst talking about it this time).

Check it out below, and enjoy!

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