First Character Details For The Terminator Emerge, Reboot Targets Summer Shoot


Thanks to the combined efforts of Tim Miller (Deadpool), James Cameron (Avatar) and Paramount Pictures, Skynet is currently being reprogrammed ahead of the forthcoming Terminator reboot.

And though it was originally expected to enter production next month, Omega Underground has confirmed that Tim Miller’s franchise revival is now on course to begin filming in May, when a character by the name of Dani Ramos will seemingly headline the hotly-anticipated redo.

You can thank the folks over at TerminatorFans for that juicy piece of character intel, and while there’s every chance that ‘Dani Ramos’ is simply a codename, the following description certainly aligns with Cameron’s previous comments about a young female protagonist. Sarah Connor 2.0, if you will.

Dani Ramos is a young woman in her early 20s from Mexico City. She was brought up in a working-class neighborhood, is independent and believes strongly in family. She’s more street-smart than book smart and is a woman who always manages to find a ray of light even in the darkest of circumstances.

Speaking of iconic heroines, we know The Terminator will signal the long-anticipated return of Linda Hamilton, who so famously portrayed the great Sarah Connor all those years ago. Her days battling Skynet aren’t over just yet, it seems, given Tim Miller’s soft reboot is expected to reach theaters in July of 2019.

Assuming everything goes according to plan, that places Terminator 6 on course for a production start in May, when Budapest, Spain, and the United Kingdom will be used as the film’s primary locations.

Even after this slight delay, The Terminator is still holding on to that July 26th, 2019 release date, and the fact that Paramount has been so accommodating to Tim Miller and his team certainly bodes well for this sixth installment.