‘The Thing’ snow globe is perfect for festive horror fans

The Thing
Image via Universal Pictures

Horror fans on the internet have discovered a jaw-dropping piece of fan art for the much-beloved John Carpenter film The Thing.

The work of art in question is a snow globe the recreates in incredible detail the iconic poster from the film — a man in a snowy setting wearing a parka and his body completely silhouetted by an overwhelming light emanating from where his face would be.

The image is lovingly recreated in three dimensions with the snow globe, complete with a working LED light under the water to “give the same lens flare effect as the movie poster,” according to the description in YouTube video from the relatively obscure channel Chainsaw Estates.

Though the video was uploaded five years ago, it’s making the rounds on the internet just in time for winter due to a user on Reddit discovering the video for the first time and posting it to the r/horror subreddit. Check out the post, which has garnered around 400 upvotes in half a day, for yourself right here.

The Thing

While John Carpenter’s 1982 interpretation of the The Thing is considered a horror classic by many today, it wasn’t necessarily a box office smash upon release. The film wasn’t a total failure, though, raking in $19 million domestically, even if it didn’t not wow critics at the time. However, the movie has since been subjected to numerous critical reassessments, and it’s now considered by many as a masterpiece.