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HBO’s new show has potentially the wildest sex scene in TV history

Lots to unpack here!

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Credit: HBO / Twitter / @daviswaldeniv

The internet is debating the age-old question of whether those with penises would suck their own after a chaotically horny clip from HBO’s The Time Traveler’s Wife of a guy slurping his past self’s schlong. Yep, you read that right.

Based on the hit novel by Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife follows Henry DeTamble (Theo James), a librarian who uncontrollably time travels, and his wife Clare (Rose Leslie) who struggles to live with his sci-fi disability.

The latest episode for the series had Henry travel back in time to his 16-year-old self (Brian Altemus) and, uh, give himself a blowjob in his childhood bedroom. Henry’s father then walks in and sees the two versions of his son in bed. Yikes.

Henry recounts the story to Clare at a cafe in the present day. She then says he was “gay for himself” before Henry defends his self-service, claiming its every cis-male teen’s dream.

But the internet has of course turned the moment into a meme. A few viewers on Twitter made dad jokes about giving head. Others said the show either now suddenly piqued their interest or had them switching off their stream.

One even joked the scene gave what fans of Loki desperately wanted: some “same-sex selfcest”.

“I’m just seeing all the time-travelling self-blowjob stuff and being furious that that didn’t lead to an automatic recommend,” said another user on Twitter who was discouraged from watching the show.

Here are some of the best reactions to the chaotically horny selfcest sex scene in The Time Traveler’s Wife.

New episodes of The Time Traveler’s Wife release weekly on HBO Max.

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