The Venom Movie Account Is Roasting Fans On Twitter


Fans of Venom: Let There Be Carnage were given a special treat on Twitter today when the film’s official account invited its followers to share a pic of their movie ticket and be roasted by the symbiote.

It follows from an announcement on the official Venom movie Twitter page yesterday of a mysterious request to save a photo of their tickets, but no reason was given. “Check back tomorrow,” the post said.

Today, fans finally figured out what was up when the Venom Twitter page revealed it’s ulterior motive:

The brain-hungry alien inextricably bonded to host Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy in the film, did not hold back, either, with one response saying “guessing you don’t own a mirror,” to a fan’s roast invitation.

Another poor fellow’s profile picture put on blast, with the Venom Twitter saying the user should probably get new friends if they let him pose in photos like that.

Another response was a bit baffling, with the symbiote seemingly doing a sendup of the overuse of hashtags, despite the Venom account starting the entire conversation with a hashtag to begin with.

In another case, the Venom account went meta, roasting one person’s haircut while acknowledging a certain serial killer character’s own poor track record for hairdos.

We’re not sure if the roasting schtick was all there was to the whole “take a pic of your tix” thing, as the Venom account’s sign off from the roast seems to allude to more shenanigans to come.

Catch Venom: Let There Be Carnage in theaters right now and let Twitter know just how you felt about it.