The Villains Of Suicide Squad 2 And The Batman May’ve Been Revealed


This week has been an inescapable whirlwind for comic book fans… and it’s only Wednesday.

With San Diego Comic-Con officially underway (check out a sneak peek of Aquaman‘s comics accurate costume), the tidal wave of announcements and unmissable trailers will only continue well into the weekend, but today, our attention is drawn to The Batman and Suicide Squad 2 – two projects that have, for one reason or another, slipped onto the back-burner at Warner Bros. Pictures.

That’s not to say they’ve stalled, necessarily – The Batman director Matt Reeves is said to be making good progress with his standalone DC flick, while Gavin O’Connor has been placed in control of Task Force X ahead of their next big-screen outing.

And at least according to Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer (h/t CBM) the villains of Suicide Squad 2 and The Batman have now been identified.

Randolph alleges that, because Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam has been ruled out of Suicide Squad 2, Gavin O’Connor has reshuffled his deck, and is now considering Zatanna, Raven and, most intriguingly, Kara Zor-El. They all make for worthy contenders in their own right, but this rumored tidbit goes one step further to claim that Amazo, an android with the power to mimic its opponent’s abilities, has emerged as the one true frontrunner.

For The Batman, it’s a little different; while The Penguin is all but confirmed at this stage, we’re now learning that Oswald Cobblepot will play second fiddle to the Court of Owls, a posse of Gotham’s elite that ought to be familiar for anyone who’s sat through Fox’s prequel series.

As with any comic book-related tidbit, though, it’s best treating this with a heightened sense of caution. Next up for the DCEU, meanwhile, is the long-anticipated release of Aquaman on December 21st.