The Wall-Crawler Saves The Day In New Round Of Images For Spider-Man: Homecoming


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man leaps to the rescue in the latest round of stills for Marvel and Jon Watts’ long-anticipated summer tentpole, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Coming to us by way of Empire Magazine (with a tip of the hat to CBM), these aren’t what you would call high-res screenshots, and are instead scans of Empire’s latest issue, which elected Spidey to be its new cover star earlier this week. If and when the outlet rolls out official, HD images, we’ll update this post, but you can still catch a new look at Tom Holland’s Wall-Crawler saving the day below – both on the streets of New York City and on the high seas, where Spidey is at full stretch to prevent a cruise liner from splitting in two in a scene that will surely evoke memories of the nail-biting train sequence from Spider-Man 2.

Speaking of which, Michael Keaton’s cutting-edge villain also features in the gallery below. Otherwise known as Adrian Toomes, Homecoming‘s villain is best described as a tech-savvy engineer who’s left with no job, no money, and no prospects once Tony Stark establishes Damage Control, an organization that both Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. bankroll as a means of cleaning up after the Avengers. It’s also one that forces Toomes and his recovery unit out of business, subsequently fuelling a thirst for revenge that leads to the creation of The Vulture. Keaton’s big bad won’t be the only one on the warpath in two months’ time either, as we recently got our first look at Michael Chernus as The Tinkerer.

Expect that rivalry to reach boiling point once Spider-Man: Homecoming shoots for theaters on July 7th.

Source: Empire

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