The Wolverine 3 Casts Richard E. Grant As A Villainous Scientist


James Mangold is preparing to shoot his follow up to The Wolverine very soon, and it seems the supporting cast announcements are going to start coming in more frequently. Earlier in the month, we found out that Narcos actor Hal Holbrook would play the film’s main antagonist, and now THR reports that British stage and screen legend Richard E. Grant will join him in another villainous role.

Like Holbrook’s character, the identity of Grant’s antagonist is being kept under wraps – but we do know that he’ll be playing a “mad scientist type,” whatever that may mean.

The Marvel Comics universe is full to the brim with characters who’d match that description, but one in particular has ties to Logan: Dr. Abraham Cornelius. This guy worked on the original Weapon X program and then returned to make Wolvie’s life miserable once again for the recent Death of Wolverine arc. Of course, it’s always possible Grant will be playing an original character, but if it is someone from the comics, Cornelius is a decent bet.

The Wolverine 3 will see Hugh Jackman return for the final time, and will also star Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier. The movie is set to hit theaters on March 3rd, 2017.