The Wolverine 3 Will Take Place In The Future


Hugh Jackman’s final display of bulging biceps and blood-soaked claws – aka The Wolverine 3 – is going to be a mature sequel. That’s a fancy way of saying that Fox is eyeballing an R-rating for Logan’s next adventure, which is reportedly going to be “very violent,” a description that’s not that surprising when considering its source material.

With Wolvie’s involvement in X-Men: Apocalypse still unconfirmed – although he’s rumored to make an appearance in the next trailer – we simply don’t know when on the mutant franchise timeline his threequel will take place.

Well, actually, we kinda do. One of Fox’s chief comic book producers, Simon Kinberg, has dropped the tiniest sliver of info concerning the film. You ready? Okay:

“The Wolverine movie takes place in the future.”

It’s not much to go on, as Kinberg could of course be referring to ten seconds after the future events in Days Of Future Past. But, since it’s doubtful that he’d troll us in that manner, it’s safe to assume that Wolvie’s final movie is going to hew quite closely to the comics.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the James Mangold-directed film is lifting inspiration from Mark Millar’s legendary comic series Old Man Logan. It takes place in a dystopian future, where supervillains have taken control of the world and superheroes are living normal, quiet lives – including Wolverine. He has a farm, he has a wife, and he has kids, but he’s not left alone for long. Before you know it, he’s back in the thick of it. It’s a pretty twisted tale that packs a lot of heart-wrenching punches (his flashbacks to the X-Men’s demise), and it looks to be a solid contender for Jackman’s send-off.

The Wolverine 3 is penned by David James Kelley and will find Jackman’s mutton-chopped mutant sidling up to Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, and possibly Liev Schreiber when it lands in theaters on March 3, 2017.