The Woods Beckon In Haunting First Trailer For Adam Wingard’s Horror


Set against a spine-chilling, almost melancholic rendition of “Every Breath You Take,” Lionsgate has premiered the haunting first trailer for The Woods, an all-new horror thriller hatched by the creative minds behind The Guest and You’re Next.

That’s Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, who looked to have cooked up the camping trip from hell in today’s first teaser. Opening with serene establishing shots of the great outdoors, the tension gradually begins to build and build until we are introduced to a “group of college students on a camping trip who discover they are not alone.”

Hardly a horror premise to reinvent the wheel, of course, but the terrifying imagery that follows – not to mention those gruesome POV shots – is enough to fuel nightmares right up until the movie’s September debut. Toss in some admittedly hyperbolic review quotes and there’s every chance The Woods could go on to become one of 2016’s sleeper hits. If nothing else, then today’s reveal trailer ought to have you cowering behind the sofa before long.

Starring James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Valorie Curry, Corbin Reid, and Wes Robinson, The Woods is set to loom over theaters on September 16. Until then, the official poster can be viewed below.