Movie Theaters To Reopen In July With 4 New Movies


Whether you live somewhere still in lockdown and want something to look forward to or somewhere currently reopening and want something to do soon, you’ll be happy to know that four upcoming major motion pictures will be available for your viewing pleasure this July. Not on streaming platforms and not direct to video, but in theaters.

The news comes alongside reopening announcements from other facets of the entertainment industry as sports leagues and theme parks will soon be opening their doors anew as well. Meanwhile, theater chains such as AMC and Cinemark have promised to welcome the public again within the next 3 weeks.

Unhinged will be the first theatrical release since the pandemic, dropping on July 1st, which is a noticeable jump forward from its original August release date, especially since it was later delayed to September. The film stars Russell Crowe playing an unstable man who stalks a single mother in a road rage thriller.

July 10th will then see the release of The Broken Heart Gallery from debuting director Natalie Krinsky. But Selena Gomez will probably be the name on most audience’s lips, as this romcom will be her first time as executive producer of a feature film.

Christopher Nolan will also be gracing the newly reopened theaters with Tenet on the 17th. A spy story starring John David Washington of BlacKkKlansman fame and Robert Pattinson arriving just in time to capitalize on the absence of No Time to Die, it’s debatably the most high-brow of the new releases.

Although, one could argue that that title instead belongs to Mulan, Niki Caro’s remake of the animated classic of the same name and the latest in Disney’s long line of live-action remakes. Originally set to release in March, the film will finally hit theaters on July 24th after delays following star Liu Yifei’s comments supporting violent retaliation against pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, not to mention the ensuing reshoots and coronavirus pandemic.

Whichever of these films appeal to you personally, it should definitely be a breath of fresh air to finally be able to see them in theaters.