New Theatrical Trailer For The Smurfs

If there was one thing in the world that was going to make my Wednesday worse it would have been a trailer for the upcoming 3D animation-live action crossover The Smurfs. And yes it looks absolutely hideous. Like Garfield or Space Jam, the film has cartoon/animated characters interacting with live action actors like Neil Patrick Harris or Hank Azaria who both star in the movie.

It is clearly aimed squarely at the kids market, which is no problem, but from the trailer the film looks to have two jokes. One is Hank Azaria either running into cars or being hit by a moving vehicle. I know contain yourself. And the other appears to be replacing any kind of swear word with the word “Smurf”. Be still my aching sides.

You can watch the trailer below but do so at your own peril and approach with caution when the film gets released on July 29th.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.